Adventures with a Boxer
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A little background

November 3, 2012 I lost my dear friend and dog, Titus  His loss put a huge hole in my life.  Miserable for weeks I could not get over not having a dog in the house.

November 28, 2012 DH has given me a time frame of the New Year to add a puppy to our home.  I'm so very happy!  DD#2 asked if I would like a puppy for Christmas.  I said yes, so she will pay for the puppy and gift him to me.

Puppies were born November 14th, 2012. 

                                                      dadThe Father                              The Mother


This is the litter.  One of these little guys will be mine in January

boxer litter

(Max is the puppy in the green collar at the bottom of the picture, on his back)

So excited! 

12-5-12 The puppies are 3 weeks old and so very cute.  They are starting to play with toys and have taken a puppy gruel.

12-12-12  They are now 4 weeks old and I get to have a visit!!  Can't wait.

12-16-12 Had my meeting with all the puppies and boy was that a fun experience.  The puppy that picked me out was Mathew.  The other flashy boys have been picked already and I still have my pick of Jon listed but little Mathew just sat and looked at me and looked at me that I had to pick him up.  He chewed on my fingers so softly and licked my face.  He even came when I taped my leg and played with my hands for a bit.  So adorable!  mathew  Going back to have another visit next Saturday!  We also asked to see the parents and I love beautiful and friendly.  She thinks that Mathew will look like his dad.  He has double dark haws.  It means that he has a ring of dark around his eye but still white around the outside.


It was raining cats and dogs last night, thunder and lightning!  Today we headed off to the breeders and it has slow going with traffic and rain.  Once over the bridge it was sunny and beautiful.

Max   Mathew will now be known as MAX  He is 5 weeks and 3 days old and is sleeping on my hand.


Puppies are so very cute.  He was very active today but when asked to slow down he did!  He also came when called.  He stayed with us even when all the other puppies went into the other room with their Mother.  I just love this little boy:    Max    He is small but has all the makings of a show dog.  She has 3 already though.  dad at 6 wks  This is his dad at 6 weeks. Max will not be big like his Dad.

Cannot wait till next Saturday!

12-29-12   6 weeks and 3 days old.

A huge fun filled day with Max.  Such a sweetie.

max & me lots of licks and he slept in my lap too.  The puppies went outside for the 1st time today and it was their 1st step too.  Max took it in stride but some of the other puppies were hesitant about the step.  One thing about Max, he does not like to get his feet wet.  He tried to stay on the concrete.  They went out with their half sister Charm and she was so great with all the puppies they tried to follow her but could not keep up with all her energy.  Then the breeder had to take them in one by one to clean them off and she let Max stay out with us the longest.  They all crashed once back in the house.  I just love them all...but of course Max the best.

Max outside 1st time max at 6 wks Max face
Max's 1st time outside!
Max and Guiness
Love that puppy face


The breeder is going to change their puppy food as the Chicken Soup is giving them all the runs.  She is going to worm them as well.

Next Sunday is the last visit till I get to take him home.

1-6-12 Went for our visit and stayed for an hour.  Let me tell you having most of the puppies running around at this size is a challange.  They are getting big almost 10 lbs.  Now they are launching themselves at your face!  Their front feet are getting strong and sturdy back feet still have to catch up.  They are running around chasing each other which is a blast to watch.  We had lots of activity with them that hour.  2 dogs are going down south and their owners have not seen them in person!   I would not want to purchase a puppy that way.  Kelsey and Guiness are the ones going.  Met Bella's owners again and met Baloo's parents.  I'm so very glad they picked Baloo (they had pick before us) rather than Max.  We really got the cuter puppy.

Raider had to go outside while we were there, but the photo is backlit.    raider Now I see he's ears are a bit like the flying nuns.  Max will no doubt have similar ears.

She changed their food to Kirkland:  Chicken, rice and veggies from Cosco.  Solid poops now as Max demonstrated to us today.  After our hour we left, as we went to the door, I looked down and Max had followed me to the doorway  (awwwwww.....)  said our good byes and went to lunch.  DD was really feeling puppy deprived, so after lunch... I called the breeder and asked if we could come back and she said yes!  Love That Woman!  We staid another 2 hours and most of that time Max slept in DD lap.  Snores and puppy facial twitches are so very cute.  I took most of the photos on my phone now I have to figure out how to get them on my computer....there doesn't seem to be an easy way for that.

Max's little feet  So very cute!   7wks 3 days

Only 5 more days to I get to take Max home with me.

1-11-12 Only one more day.  Cleaned out the livingroom as it has the most papers.  Still a lot of things to remove.  Kitchen is clean and crate is set up.   Toys and beding set inside.  One baby gate installed and works good.  The other door is too narrow only 27" wide and the 2nd gate will not fit.  I'll have to go back to return or exchange.  The other gates are wood and that will not hold up to puppy teeth.  I may try the plastic one instead if it's small enough.

Got freeze dried liver made in the USA (happy dance) and some bully sticks (can you say expensive at $6.00 for a 6" one.) and a tag:     tag   it's tiny and will work only while he is a puppy, then we'll have to get the big tag for him.

I'll set up a page for each week as Max progresses.  I've never done anything like this before and I know life get in the way, but will try to keep this journal up for at least the 1st year.






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