Arwen's Coronation Dress



Today I put on the gown to see what it will look like on me.  A few things still to finish, but ...yes...I do look like a granny smith apple!






I decided to remove the train.  I have enough material to make a bag or something else.  Finished the zippers and trim.  hems to go then I'll be done. I really really like the sleeves on this gown.

7_15_07  Happy Bastille Day, Mon Ami. Gown finished.


Need: Shoes, Crown & Banner

I'll make the strands first, then try my luck at twisting the wire, then add the beads.  

Arwen's Coronation Crown

I went to the bead store and purchased a lot of seed beads clear glass and glass with silver insides.  I will use the green beads that I used on the trim for the crown as well.  I also purchased some 14Gauge silver coated wire.  Crown will be simple with a lot of beaded strands.


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