Arwen's Coronation Dress


Outer Gown


Today was pretty productive.  Worked on the Outer Jumper to the Coronation Gown.

I purchased some beads called seafoam along with some white glass beads to trim the lace.

I took the Luthien Outer Gown and traced it onto paper, then cut out the green outer material.

Got all the washed pieces cut out.  Made the trim out of two layers of lace.  Sewed up the back seam.  I still have to sew the trims down on the two back pieces and then I'll sew the shoulder seams and side seams.  I made a rather large train in the back...I'm not sure if I'll keep it or not.


Happy Mother's Day


Not a lot to add.  Finished hand sewing the trim on the back of the Outergown. I hope to sew up the side seams and finish the arm hole area.


Finished the armholes tonight.  Ironed the seams and neckline to smooth it out.

To Do List:

  • Insert Zipper (problem is it's not invisible) done 5.26.07
  • hem
  • decorate trim with beads

Not too long a list.  I won't be able to do much this weekend, I'm very busy with other things.


One down, two to go. All done, however I may go back to bead the sleeves some more.


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