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Under Gown


Of course I decided not to make the same under gown as I made for my Luthien.  I was going to then took at look at all those princess seams and said, no, to myself.  So I got out Simplicity 9103 (One Hour Dress)

I'm making a mock up with some halloween material made of glitter and spider webs.  Most amusing.


I had a lot to do over the weekend last week and so very busy this past week that nothing got done at all.

I'm not happy with the results from the (One Hour Dress) making the largest size is still too small for me (very depressing that.) So I'm now rethinking the princess seamed undergown that I used for the Luthien.  I have a three day weekend, so I must find some time to sew.  I have to bike too...and climb a hill as well.


I did get my bike ride in and a hill as well.  Only 20 miles, that's nothing since I did 64 miles last Sunday. Oh well.  I'm not too happy with this muslin. 


The muslin fit correctly in the shoulder but the sleeve was too tight.  It fit but so very snugly I think that I would be uncomfortable for any length of time in it.  So I was thinking about using the Simplicity 4491 once again, and then realized that it would not work.  I'm going to have the top of the Under Gown in the Chinese Brocade Gold/White and make the rest of the dress in the light green taffeta.  I can't do that with all those seams.  So It was back to Simplicity 9103.  How to change the sleeve without changing the arm hole and shoulder area.

Bright Idea:  Make an underarm gusset.

It worked my friends.  I have a comfortable sleeve and lots of movement.  I won't be doing any cheerleading but it works.  I've decided to line the upper bodice with linen.  That will keep the scratchy brocade from my skin.

I'm going to cut the brocade today and the linen lining.  I was not thinking once again, I'll line the dress with the same material as the rest of the undergown (ie the taffeta).  It will not be as comfortable as linen, but I have a lot of this material.


Progress today.  Now I have to wait....I forgot all about hanging the skirts because they are cut on the bias.

First two are the muslin.  It fits like a glove & I'm happy with it. (I finished it up and hope to use it at Halloween, I'll need to make a shift to go underneath)  Last photo is the Under Gown just pinned and hanging.


  • Sew the shoulder seamsSet in the sleevesSew gussets and side seams.
  • Sew lining together.
  • Sew lining to bodice, clip neckline & turn right-side out and press.
  • Sew zipper
  • Set in Lower Sleeve
  • Hem (cut off train)
  • Trim

Since I appear to do better if I have a list. I'll hope to cut out the lower sleeves tonight.


Didn't get to cut out the sleeves.  Maybe tonight, I have to iron the silk first.  I also have to hem my daughter's prom dress.


Ready for Lower Sleeves

Sleeve Pattern: Silk

Sleeve Pattern: Crinkle

Pin: Sleeve

Things go a lot faster when you've already done it before!  Made the bodice lining.  Made a new sleeve pattern but based on the existing one I had before.  I wanted a wider and longer sleeve.  This one goes to the ground.  The sleeves will have two layers: Silk Outer and Cotton Crinkle Inner.  Rolled hems and loose.

I decided to just run a small zigzag stitch around the edge of the sleeves.  I have the left all sewn and ready to be attached to the upper sleeve.  I have the right silk sleeve done and I'm having issues with the final crinkle sleeve. I want it to look like the left which is perfect, but somehow I can't figure out how to keep the seam line over the outer silk sleeve seam, but be opposite in the seaming.  Hard to explain, I'll get some photos up.

Each undersleeve take 3 yards of fabric! Under Gown almost done.


Got the zipper and the trim done.  Working of the lining and getting all the ends tidied up.  I spent all my saved cash and purchased beads and wire to make a crown/headdress.  It will be a very simplistic version of Arwen's Coronation Crown or Headdress (not sure what to call it)  Put a row of trim around the neckline of the Outer gown.  I may add more. I may add a single row of seed beads along the neckline of this undergown as well.  Just to add more Shiny!


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