Arwen's Mourning Dress





Design 01001:

This gown looks good on everyone. That is why I have decided to make this one. The color scheme is very simple. I'm going to make a replication of this costume. I've never done that before ...inspired yes, not not a duplication like this one.

Changed my mind.  I'm going to do the "muslin" Here.

Then I'll see about how exact I'll be.


I bought a silk velvet from Thai Silks in Navy.  I only have 7 yards and I need more for this dress.  It's plenty for the Blood Red Dress.

Red silk charmuse for the red insert and the belt


7_26_05 While my in-laws are in town for a visit, I could not sew so I'm working on the trim. It's quite complicated and I'm looking a making it from scratch.


I went to the bead store in town and ended up being talked out of the bullion (frenchwire) and or purl. So I will use metal threads as embroidery rather than the finely coiled wire that the real trim is made of. Looking around the shop I found two kinds of iridescences beads.


In the close up you can see the shine they give off. Very nice colors.

For the edges of the trim and some places along the inside of the trim I'm going to use chain. 2 loops.

  they are tiny 3mm rings made of base metal. They are jump ring which means they are split and you twist them apart to add another ring to it.

Needless to say it takes a long time to do so many. Each package contains enough to make about 45 pairs. They are the right size though.


  I've done about 2 packages worth so far. I hope to get faster as it goes along. I have to get some kind of thick trim for the area above these rings. Then sequins for the beads


I'm going to have to leave this project aside for now. I must work on the sewing and trim of the Elven dress. It will be practice for this dress reproduction.


8_31_05 This project is on hold for the moment. I have to finish the Luthien Elven Dress. For a comprehensive look at the making of this gown go to Maggie's site.

I found a pattern from Simplicity 4249. It's in the Prom Dress Section. It's a 1950's retro gown. I like it for several reasons. The bodice is only two pieces and most important the dress bodice is a V front with a full skirt and long train. I'll have to modify the back to remove the V shape and make it rounder and higher (see green line on sketch)

  simplicity 4249 frontfrontsimplicity 4249 backback with modification shown in green

I'm going to use this skirt pattern for Eowyn's Green Gown as well.


After my analysis of the Green Gown Skirts, I don't think I'll use this pattern for that skirt, however I think it will work for this dress when I get to making it.


I've completed Eowyn Green Gown and I really want this one.  It looks like I'll be doing an inspired gown after all since I cannot afford 10 yards of silk velvet, or I could save my money to purchase it. It's a tough decision.


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I got this in the mail today from Jess a friend on LJ.  It is a swatch of the navy silk velvet from Sy Fabrics and a sample of the lovely embroidery that she made of the Mourning Trim.

I've come into a little money and will now purchase enough silk velvet for this gown which I've been lusting over for (as you can see) a very long time. (I didn't get the fabric)


  The style of dress is called in French:  Bliaut
  It was very popular in the 1100's and the French lead the way in style.



   Dress has a good size train.





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