Arwen's Blood Red Dress



Design 01001:

I'll use the basic pattern from my Luthien or Elven Gown.

I'll be making a 2 part dress.




7 yards : silk velvet from Thai Silks in Navy

3 yards: Thai Silks Red Velvet

3 yards : china silk lining

7 yards Navy 100% cotton

1 yard From Sarah at rivendell designs gold & red jacquard

The pasliey arrived today.  It has a lot of gold in it and I may use the back side.  The colors seem to go well with the red velvet like the original gown. The pattern is very large but the colors blend well.  1_12_07


(need to make or purchase)



This will be the first time working on really good silk velvet.

I originally purchased the velvet for the Mourning Gown, but after making Eowyn's Green Gown, I realized that 7 yards of silk velvet would not be enough for me.  I'll need at least 10 yards for that gown.



  I'm gong to use the McCalls 4491 once again for the sleeves and sleeve cap.  I used it for the white elven undergown: Luthien

I need to find my paper pattern for the overgown.  It fit very well so I don't want to re-invent the wheel.



blood red sleeve materials
blood red dress materials

Took somemore photos of the fabric today.  The ones without the flash are very true to color vs the ones with the flash.  But since the ones without flash are blury, I used the flash so you can see detail.  Comparing the dress above with the fabrics I have, They are right on.



I think I've been sitting on this material for long enough.  I'm going to start on this gown.  I still need some materials for linings.  Will go through the stash tonight and see what I can use.  The Trim is my largest concern....I want to get a nice one. I'm going to modify, so there will not be a zipper in the outer gown.  I'll use lacing.  That way this gown will be OK for SCA functions.


Today is Black Friday, you are suposed to go I did manage to get out and purchased 7 yards of navy cotton.  This will be the under-dress.  Now, Just the trim remains and there was nothing at Joann's!


Wow it's been a long time.  Still have this beautiful fabric.  I'm loosing weight and hope to still make this dress even if I don't have anyplace to wear it.







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