Ohhh....the Elves, that wonderful race created by Tolkien and the imagery from Peter Jackson.

I finished reading an essay by Tolkien about farie and what that means to him. He believes that farie and Elves are one in the same. His views about Elves are well know. Tall slender beautiful people. The ELDAR the"people of the stars".

If you haven't the Simillaron!


Enter First Age Dress Diary: Luthien Luthien

The Materials | Overdress (Jumper) | Trims | Sleeves | Final
6_29_05 OK I'm making an Elven Dress it will be based on the LOTR movie by Peter Jackson. Finished 2_20_06


Enter Arwen Coronation Dress Arwen Coronation

Materials | Outer Gown | Under Gown | Finished Photos

Enter Movie Elf Extra : Nimrodelrivendell2.htm A Study

Enter Arwen's Blood Red Gown Dress DiaryBlood Red

Materials | Overdress (Jumper)| Underdress| Trims | Sleeves | Final






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