Eowyn's Green Gown



There are a lot of different color pictures of this dress. I'm going with a muted green which is more olive than bright green. Here is a picture of the materials that I just got for this dress.

  Here is a photo from the cards which have the fabric from the original gown.  It looks very close to my fabric.  The original was cotten velvet that was distressed.

OK, I took all my nerve and ordered the trim today from MJ Trim in NYC. This is what I ordered

950-26727 black/gold 2 yards for the collar

950-26726 black/gold 2.5 yards for the boat neck trim

It should come in 3 business days, so by Monday I should receive it. I'll be sweating bullets that I ordered the right thing. This is what I want to achieve.

Update: 10_27_05

I'm going to have to wait for some time 3 - 4 weeks while they make the trim in India. So sometime in November I'll have more information.


I must concentrate on finishing up the elven, but I'm very excited about making this dress.

10_28_05 It seems like a very long time till November.

Well here it is 11_11_05 and I do have an update. Yesterday I talked to M & J Trim and they are shipping out the smaller trim to me. (That was the good news) OK here is the bad. The larger trim (2.25") is indeed discontinued. I asked if they had it in black and silver and they are out of stock, with nothing scheduled to come in. So I'll have to look to doing something else. It was expensive, so I'll be saving myself some money..right?!
Got the smaller trim in!

Here it is! The smaller trim and even though it is not an exact match...well compare for yourself. This trim is really beautiful. As you can see, when the two are overlapped (as in the original design) the size is about 3". The design is not quite a dense as the original but fits the bill. I've asked M & J to help me find a larger bullion, but I'm not counting on that. I'll have to go looking for myself. I have shamelessly asked people if I could purchase some of the original trim from them, but so far everyone needs what they have. I just wish I had the money when it was still for sale, but that's just the way things fell out. $40/yd was just too much when I didn't have money to buy the essentials. I guess that means I'm not a obsessions (I wish)



I realized that I didn't have enough design thoughts on this here they are:

Design Sketch Here is the sketch with the actual materials I'll be using. underskirt

I don't have a lot of material. I now know that I should purchase much more than I need but at the time, I didn't have a lot of money and I did buy all of the bolt of the green leaf material.

I'll post up the amounts later, when I get back into my stash.

The dress will be one piece with zipper. Yvette's green gown will be two...but since I don't have 20 yards of material to play with the leaf will only be pieced.

Leaf Material: Sleeve lining, neck area and collar, lining of the front panel, inner arm sleeve(partial), front skirt panels and underskirt. I know this looks like a lot but I plan to use another material (yet to be purchased) for the backsides that you don't see. Rather a Renaissance technique. Use the good stuff for what you see and the cheap stuff in the hidden areas. So the underskirt will have a forepanel of the leaf material and the back panels will be plain (I'm thinking taffeta. it will give the velvet some poof).

Green Velvet: skirt, bodice and sleeves.


Went to JoAnn's and got the taffeta in a nice green/gold finish. I'm going to make a petticoat with this and the front will have a panel of the leaf fabric. I'm going to have to go back to the film to see how this dress moves. I at first thought she had a hoop under the skirt, but I don't think so now. The first picture on this page is why I thought that, but now I think it's just the wind blowing the skirt and making it billow out. I also want to see just how much of a train the dress has, I don't want a long one. They always get stepped on.

Here is the pix of the new fabric and the leaf with the trim. I'm working on the Elven Dress aka: Luthien as fast as I can, so I can get to this one.

this last photo shows the taffeta.

The taffeta looks very gold in the photo from the flash. It really doesn't matter since it will be hidden from site anyway...could have been bright red (j/k)

With my JoAnn's coupon I purchased this

It may have gone better color wise, but this is 100% silk and I thought it would be a shame to use silk that you don't see. The people of Rohan would not be frivolous they seem like very practical people.


I'm going to try and take pictures of this dress off my TV while I stop the image. I'll use my digital camera on a tripod and see what happens. I know it will not be as clear as a screen cap, but if you don't have the software one must improvise. It's a good rainy day to do this indoor activity anyway.


THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!! The neck trim arrived today and it's beautiful.

Eowyn Green Dress Trim Eowyn Green Dress Trim Eowyn Green Dress Trim Eowyn Green Dress Trim

I will have to figure out how to make the corner of the collar. I'm so excited this trim is the duplicate that Eowyn wears.


I just realized that when they used the wide trim, they didn't use the ruffle side out. The sample of the trim in the last two images are wrong. I have to turn the trim around and use the flattish side as the outer edge. That is so weird, why not use the unusual side to the advantage and use it on the outside edge?

I've decided to line the velveteen skirt and perhaps the bodice. So I went out today a bought 11 yards of China Silk in Celedon. It looks so pretty.

All Materials

Silk above

Velveteen below

Silk/Taffeta/Velveteen Trim on Velveteen & Jacquard
Now I need to wash materials and start the muslin!


Material List:

9 yds 43" green velveteen 100% cotton

7.44 yds of 34" Poly Jacquard leaf deign

8.5 yds of Celedon 100% silk (Did not use, it's too lightweight for the Jacquard, another project)

6.75 yds of 62" Taffeta for the underskirt and the lining of the back skirt panels

2yds 7" of green silk 52" wide for the underskirt lining

Somewhere along the line, I was very sure that I washed all the materials.  I remember that the Taffeta lost some of its hand and was very wrinkled even after I ironed it.  Can't seem to find that information, but I'm fairly sure it was done.  I'm almost ready to start on the real fabric now!

(note:  I used all the fabric!  I recommend getting at least 10 yards of velvet and the leaf fabric)



velvet single layer. sleeve pattern on single layer sleeve on the fold going from the top of the fabric not in half like normal


After all this time and now...I don't have enough fabric....  The velvet is 43" wide and the skirt panel pattern is 47" and 46" each.  I wanted to make the sleeves longer too and there just isn't enough fabric for them and I'm not sure if the nap will go the right way either.  I'm stumped at this point so I think I'll just go pop the LOTR DVD in.


In the light of a new day, literally, I'm going to adjust the skirt pattern to fit the size of the fabric.  They just won't be a full and I really don't need a 12" train which is quite long.  I'm going to make the bell of the sleeves very long they are 32" now and I'm going to make them longer.  I'll shorten up the length.  I'm sure I can make this work with what I have.

So I washed the fabric again and tossed everything into the dryer too.  This won't shrink on me now.  Once the gown is sewn together (some day that will happen),  I'll just wash it in cold water and hang dry.


From the advise of Sarah on the Yahoo Groups of LOTR, I will lay out the pattern pieces on a single layer and cut cross-grain.  The Nap will be going sideways but apparently that will be OK.

And while doing a search for Eowyn's Green Gown lookie what I found on =   This is the exact same as my materials!  I've not seen my leaf fabric from anyone else so I was pleasantly surprised and it gives you a preview of what my dress will look like too.

Happy Holidays and have a great First Day of Winter!


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