Eowyn's Green Gown

9_25_05 This is a very beautiful dress. I plan to do this one after the Elven is finished. Right now I have just purchased the underdress material. The main dress will be made out of Green Velveteen.  Photos under Materials.

9_28_05 I have such problems uploading my web pages.sigh..fixed it!

I've almost completed the muslin of the dress.  Bodice, Underskirt, Sleeves, Overskirt have been drafted and cut.  I'll need to sew them together.  Since it is raining!  and is expected to do so for the next few days I'll try to do it this weekend.

I like the drape of the skirts and I love the very impractical train...;-P

I know that the velveteen with lining and an underskirt will very much effect the drape from what I'm looking at in these photos, but I'm hoping that it will not be too big a difference.  I can sew this all together and dye the cotton and use this as a summer fair dress.  I don't know about the dark brown sleeves I may just re do them in the cotton muslin.  I do think that it is looking like Eowyn's Green Gown in a Large Size.


The brown sleeves were just bugging me, so I cut out 2 white sleeves on the muslin.  I'll cut out the bodice again and then sew it all up.  I'll then dye the whole  I'll dye the underskirt another color and try to have some fun with this. 

  Ill get some kind of toggle for the train when I walk in a group.  The petticoat will show.  


Tonight will be the last night of finishing my daughter's costume for the convention.  It's amazing we got this together in less than a week's time.  It was the first time I made anything that had a lining, so it was very good practice for all the lining that I'll have to do for this dress.  I am concerned about the bag lining...The skirts and the sleeves are all bag lined.  Since I'm not making a full underdress I still have to figure out how to make the inner sleeve that is tight at the wrist and how I'm going to attach it to the over-sleeve.


I've cut out the bodice two layers each, so it will be lined.  Sewn the skirt panels together.  Purchased zippers for the underskirt and the overdress.  Bought some Ritz dye in Purple and Navy.  I don't know what colors I'll use, maybe both.  I'm not going to line the overskirt (this is a muslin after all). I don't know about the sleeves, I think I should test the bag lining technique here on them.


Taken at night without flash. I bent a needle making this, I'll have to be extra careful when I'm using the velvet which is much thicker!

skirts are just pined Sleeves are just tucked into the armholes

I'll need to make the bodice larger it's too tight and I'll never get the zipper in.  The scoop neckline should be deeper too.  The skirts and sleeves have the correct shape and drape.  I'll have to figure out the yoke next and sew all this together.


back is nice. AGGG!


skirt troubles


When I pined the skirts, above, they looked look what happens when I used the sewing machine.!

The back panels they were OK..but the front! what a disaster!!!  I've pulled it all apart and now have to figure out what is going on here.  I really don't know why this is happening.

Just when you think your out of the forest..or whatever


OK I've a a few days to think this all over, the new plan of action will be:

1. sew the central panel first.

2. sew one side front.

3. sew the other side front.

I'm hoping that this will result in a flat seam.  The central panel will be on top of the side panels (like the original).  I'll try sewing that all today and we will see what kind of results I get.

much better..


heart rate is back to normal

Problem solved.  I have a nice smooth line along the bottom curve where skirt meets bodice. When I make the "Real" Green Gown, I'll have to make sure that the front panel is placed very exactly dead center and the overlap of the side skirts is the same.  It's not on this muslin.

Now I just have to finish the hem, zipper (for the underskirt) and little things.  I'm going to have to make this bodice lace up since the edges a finished and I don't have enough material to put a zipper in. I can get the "bones" in along the edge which are a necessary item.  Then I'll dye the muslin.  (Got that backwards...dye first then put bones in)

Oops!  I forgot...I have to put the sleeves in too. It is truly amazing to me that the order of the things you sew together is very important.  I'm self taught mostly.  The few things I learned from my mother-in-law was many many many years ago and I've forgotten all of them. 


It's been a while, sorry for the delays.  I've been knitting rather than sewing. As soon as I'm finished with the blue sweater then I'll start back on this gown. 

Bag Lining the Sleeves

Some progress...I'm working on the Bag Lining for the Sleeves.  Still working on the muslin and I'm taking the brown muslin and lining the white with them.  It will be interesting to see how it comes out.  Photos up as soon as everything is sewn together.



Last night I put the sleeve together with the 1st muslin.  I've not even pressed or clipped the material, but at least with the muslin it went together rather well.  I'm still unsure on the cut of the pattern and will need another photo for comparison.  The batteries are being charged so I'll have to wait.  I don't have stick thin arms that's one issue, I think they need to be a little bit longer too (great now I'll have to worry about how much fabric I have as well.)

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