Eowyn's Green Gown

The Yoke




Small necklace, The Belt and Boots

The Analysis - Yoke

The yoke will be a piece of the leaf fabric which is self lined and quilted in gold.  The MJ Trim will then be added to the collar.


I'm thinking that I will somehow add the inner sleeves to this yoke.  All will depend on how much fabric I have after making the central panel and now I realize that I have to line the two panels of the main dress that are attached to the front. The Yoke and the other big item the sleeves.  I don't know if 7+ yards of material will make it.  I may have to patch and cheat every inch of material that I have.  Yeeks, another challenge.


I have the fabric washed and ironed and dyed to make the muslin yoke for Eowyn's Green Dress.  I also resurrected the trim for the Luthien Elven Gown.






OK, I've not moved or done anything with the YOKE since my last entry.  I do want to get this done.


This Holiday weekend I'll work on the yoke pattern, I may start cutting out the good fabric since I know it fits.  I'm losing weight too but with the cut of this dress that should not be a problem if anything a great benefit for the fit.  It bothers me that I've not completed the finishing of the muslin and I still have to finish the elfin trim for the Luthien gown, but I will get to those some time in the future.  I really want to start on this green gown and get it finished.







I took the dress bodice pattern but changed the neckline to be straight (1st photo).  I forgot that this is a quilted piece and I need 2 layers, so I cut another and 4 pieces for the back.  I used up all the muslin material that I had dyed.  It was a good thing that I had more that what I thought I needed at the time..  I don't know how the shoulder seams are going to align.  I'll just have to see.  I'm going to attach the sleeves to this muslin since I forgot to attach them to the outer dress muslin.  Eowyn's Green Gown will not be made this way of course.

On to sewing and quilting the fabric. I don't know if I'm doing this in the right order or not, here goes.  I sewed together the duplicate pattern pieces.  What I mean is that the front two pieces were sewn together.  When I have the good fabric, sewing the wrong sides together and turning them right side out will produce a collar/yoke which will have the fashion fabric on both sides.  I bought a quilting guide for my machine and it seems to work very nicely.  The problem now is that the fabric is not very stable and wants to jerk around.  I'm quilting with white thread and the longest stitch my machine will do.

Of Course:  I got it wrong!  Quilt fabric First then cut the pattern.



Well this is what I have.  The idea is there but I'll have to raise the bodice and make the collar of the yoke just a little deeper. Even though this muslin is not a match, I think I can make the adjustments for the fine fabric.  It's been long enough and I want to make the gown out of the good stuff.

I've lost 10 pounds so far, so if I can get through the Holiday Season without gaining ...I'll be way ahead and ready to sew some nice clothes.  I'll have to try on the muslin again to see what adjustments need to be made.  I'm going to start on the Fashion Fabric soon, I don't know if this weekend will be free but if it rains as projected, then I'll have some home time to work on the gown.


I pulled out Simplicity 9891 and I think I'll use this pattern for the yoke because it has sewing instructions.  I purchased a guide for the sewing machine (see photo 3 above) so I'll quilt some fabric then cut the pattern and attach.


Photo of the finished Yoke!  



Eowyn's Underware


I have decided that Eowyn needed some shall we say foundation garments..So I brought out a corset that I bought many many years ago. It's too big in the top and not enough in the middle for my shape, but it will do.  I put on the gown with all the pieces together for the first time today.  Here is the results, HERE.  I think that at least for me, It vastly helps that I have the corset with the dress.

I have to say that the muslin is heavy.  This dress made out of velvet and with even more lining is going to be even heaver. It's defiantly a cold weather gown.


The Analysis - Belt

I've been looking for medalions.  I'm not handy enought to sculpt my own.  I will probably use my belt from the refugee dress in the mean time.  It is Rohan looking.  I've found a gold necklace which I've used on the dress's first finished photos.  I've just found another belt which is black with silver circles and it has more of the look.  The dress with this belt are the last few photos on this page.


The Analysis - Necklace & Earrings

Here is the Nobel Reproduction This was taken of the Movie necklace while on tour.
This is what I'm currently wearing with the Green Gown  

The reproductions from the Nobel Collection are a whopping $600.00!  And it wasn't an exact copy at that!  Granted the copy was real gold, but still folks......A simple gold necklace with flowers and blue stones I think will do.

The Analysis - Boots

Flat boots that lace up and the velvet matches.  I'm going to look for a soft boot that has a bit of a heel.  I need to add a little hight anyway. 


The Analysis - Hair

While getting an oil change, I wandered into a Longs Drug (only thing open at 8am) and bought a blond wig for $5.99!  It's 24" long and really cheaply made, but any blond wig will be cheep looking on an it will work.



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