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Elven Sleeves

I worked on the sleeves today. First I laid the sleeve linings out.


Then I sewed the seam. I was pleasantly suprised that the two fabrics did not slip around and I was able to control the feed. I then turned the sleeve of the white underdress inside out and pinned the lining up.


I've not finished the edges. I'll do that last. First I need to sew the linning to the sleeve, then I'll finish the edges with a rolled edge and zigzag stitch like Yvette does with her dresses.


I think this will work. I may even get this dress done ahead of schedule. I'm going to finish everything up except the hems and the embroidery.
As you can see, Mimi is quite a bit taller then me.


Wow, It's been a long time since I worked on the main dress. Well I did! Of course I had problems. I sewed the lining in, actually that went OK. Then came the finishing of the sleeves. I wanted to use the rolled hem with zig-zag ala Yvette. The butterfly fabric which is some poly-manmade material went fine too. Then came the haboti (china) silk just about everything went wrong. My machine punched holes in the fabric, the bobbin thread got all gooked up. It jambed too...what was going on? I played with the tension at the suggestion of a LJ friend, still had troubles. The machine sounded like it was going to die...the fabric would not advance but tried to get stuck in the bobbin thread. What to do?

For some odd reason I asked the lady at the sewing machine section of a JoAnn's near work what needle size she would use for thin silk and she said #8. Relavation! I'd been using a 12 or 14...way too big for this fabric. I changed needles (I had to buy them) and I was able to sew. It still wants to jamb, but not nearly like before. I'll have them done by the end of today..Yeah!


Well I just had to see what this will look like, so here I am. Zippers and hems still have to be done. All the trim has to be applied, but here is the idea.

Thanks to my Rach who pined me in and took these pictures



A little photoshop on these last 2

Well I didn't get as much done as I had hoped before the holidays. I do like the way the sleeves drape. I photo shopped the black trim onto the upper sleeve to see what it looks like. I have only zippers, hems and the final neckline on the underdress.


A different belt

I wasn't real happy with the chain belt. For one thing, the ribbon which is laced within the links was cream. I came across this jeweled garland last year and tucked it away in my belt drawer. I found it yesterday and tried it with the gown. I think it goes much better.

I'll have to see if I can get my sewing machine back up and running in the little area above the stairs. I can then try to finish this elven gown.


(I still have not sent off my christmas packages to the east coast..bad me.)

The Day after Christmas, I at least got all my gifts sent off to the East Coast before the Holiday. I got 2 LOTR books for Christmas. The peoples of Middle-Earth and The War of the Jewels edited by Christopher Tolkien. I've just finished Morgoth's Ring and the War of the Jewels is part 2.


Happy New Year!

I didn't get the dress finished...(sighs) Now I have to wait to get the sewing area back up and running. Took somemore photos of the Elven Belt.

I do like the jewels on this belt and I love the little detail at the ends.

Very Elven I think.








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