Zipper from Hell Who would have thought such a little thing would cause such woe and suffering!


I knew there was a reason why I didn't do much sewing after a hard days work.


It's now 9pm and I'm im the process of ripping out the zipper. It's kinda important to get it in straight..duh...going to bed now. I'll try again tomorrow.



2_08_06 While pulling out the zipper from hell, even though I was going very slowly with the seam ripper, I put a huge hole in the zipper material....sigh...

Zipper from Hell

Now that's much better. I could not have done this without the help from my LJ friends. Lots of support and encouragement from them. Thank you all so much.

Zipper is in and I just have to do a little hand sewing at the top and put a hook at the very top edge to close it and make it tight against my back. Yea...closer to the end.


Well..after all these months, I can finally say that I'm almost finished. So anticlimatic. I'm hand finishing the arm trim and then I have a hook and eye to sew on at the top of each gown and lastly the hems. I'm done enough. So here are the finals.

I'm no angel luthien elven

I didn't do much in the way of accessories. I do have the ears, but the wig covers them. I have to say I'm pretty happy with my after halloween sale wig..not too bad for $12.00

The dress is a little tight, since I gained weight since I made the first measurments. It has a very low neckline, but very much like one of Arwyn's.

You can see on his face what he thinks of all this. I see that I forgot to add the belt....


I finally got around to sewing the collar on the undergown.  I think I'll wear this gown to October Crown this year.  I'll have to remember to wear the belt with it.


I did wear it to October Crown and it was fine.  Better than fine, people with me liked it very much.  I didn't wear the belt either and found that I cannot run in this dress.

1-1-11 Since zippers were not invented in the 13th Century, I'm going to rip out my hard work and sew the back up.  I can wear this garment without the zipper and I'd like to make this gown into a Cyclas to wear to SCA events at my current level of out with the seam ripper.  Got it all sewn up.  I hope it will make an apparence this year and I'll get some photos of me wearing it.


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