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I read that Luthien/Tinuvel wore golden lilies, so I'm trying to design them into the neck trim. I googled lilies
and came upon the most interesting and rare lily in Northern California and it is not too far away from where I live. It's the
Mt. Diablo Golden Fairy Lantern lily. Could that be more perfect? Here is a picture of the Lily:

Based on this image, I went to work on a design. I need to keep it simple, I don't want to distract too
much from the black beaded trim on the blue jumper. Here is my idea:

I would have some elvish words, from the poem around the neck area as a border. Then the lily pattern. I got
some muslin out and some DMC thread. I drew in pencil a quick sketch of the design and began to play
with the embroidery.

So this is what I have so far. I'll need to make this mock up and place it next to the trim and see what I get.

I've read some more of the LAY this made me very excited. I had no idea before I started on this project.

And now this robe she round her furled,
and veiled her garments shimmering white;
her mantle blue and jewels bright
like crystal stars, the lilies gold,
were wrapped and hid; and down there rolled
dim dreams and faint oblivious sleep
falling about her, to softly creep
through all the air.

So the colors are correct. The white underdress with the blue jumper would be something she would wear.



I finally got off my bum and worked on finishing the seams on the jumper. I used bias tape to finish the
neckline and the arm holes. I am not going to put the zipper in just yet. Having the back open makes it
so easy to slip the jumper on MiMi. Here are a few pictures with the embroidery.

I photoshoped this image. I wanted to see what a finished edge would look like. I think I'm going to add some blue and I will also add some beads and sequins to the embroidery.

Here are two photo taken further back to get a more complete idea.

So now I'm going to finish the sleeves on the white underdress then tackle the embroidery.


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