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I have looked hi and low and cannot yet find where this costume made it into the movie. At the parting of the fellowship from Rivendell there is an women who is behind Arwen, who has the same color dress, but it is not this one.

Here is a close up of the collar of this unique dress.


Note the pattern in the velvet and the unique collar. An quilting effect done with embrodiery I think.

Here is a close up of the belt.

The little leaf decoration is interesting. You can't really tell what the belt is made of, too bad.

If you are interested in this gown, please look at the dress diary of Yvette's she's called it Nimrodel . This elven dress is wonderful and she is an amazing semstress. She is almost finished as of (9_21_05) She has finished it. (10_30_05) Her's is done in silk and burned out velvet in yummy purples. It's got beautiful details and the belt is done by hand with beading and crochet.

Elven Fabric!

They reused the material from the "movie Elf" and used it also for Frodo's Jacket!

elven fabric


last update 1-28-06


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