I have always loved the Tudor Period in History. Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. I've read countless books on this period in time and when I was much younger, I found out about the Maryland Renaissance Fair. I've been going ever since and even though I have moved to California, I still go to the Ren Fair located at Casa de Fruita.   In 2007 I attended my first event with the Society for Creative Anacronism (SCA) and their focus is study of time period pre 1600.

I always thought it was beyond my skills to make a renaissance costume and I didn't really want to spend the hundreds of dollars for the commercial ones. I was not interested in the "Wench Look" either.

Well I want to encourage all of you out there, you can do it. If I can you can.

Pages are image intensive

I hope to show you how to do it. It's just some determination and practice, practice, practice and/or test - test - test.


updated 11-14-12

started: 10_28_05

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