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1-1-13 Must learn to update this page more offen.  I got 9 shawls done in 2012.  I'm going to do 12 in 2013 is the goal.  The Black Daliah is the 1st I cast on.  Then Out of Darkness and Boo Mystery Shawl: Temptress for a February Shawl.

9-4-12  Got some socks down for the Xmas gift I promised DH finished and had enough yarn left over to make these cute Dalek Knit Mits.

DD#1 wants a pair of fingered gloves made with the mermaid stitch...and a Rock Island Shawl

DD#2 wants a shawl done as well.  She chose a beautiful yarn that I love too.

2-20-12 Finished the Easy As Pie, making Laughingbird Scarf.  Finished Debaser and use it a lot!  4 shawls done of my 12 for 2012.

Friday looking forward to going to Stitches West!!

Got some tracing paper and blocking pins for the lace shawls. Got some roving yarn but I don't have the patience to make it.  Going to give it away.  The woman I went with to the show got more yarn than I did.


1-25-12 I've finished 2 shawls, and I started a new shawl today called 'Easy As Pie'  It has a very open lacy pattern and I'm liking how easy it knits, I'm already half way through.  I have also found a yarn company called the Verdant Gryphon that sells some wonderful hand dyed yarns.  I'm using one now called Eidos and really like it.

12-31-11 Tonight at midnight I'll start on my 1st shawl for the year 2012 and it will be Rock Island.

12-29-11 Got all my shawls done and given away as gifts.  Folk who received them are all very happy which makes me happy.  So I'm going to go with a new project next year....12 shawls in 2012....that is one a month.

10-09-11 Finished the shawl.  I still have more to make....lots of family members!

10-06-11 Finished a Gift Shawl and started on another.  Still working on Ballerina.

9-19-11 Working on Ballerina

9-12-11 Got the 3rd shawl finished and I'm now working on Ballerina. Not much to look at yet.

9-7-11 Feeling accomplished and not at the same time.  Socks are done, 2 shawls are done.  Ballerina CO has been started.  Will CO for another Shawl today.

8-29-11 I have both socks to the same point and will start on the heels.  I'm going to try and knit both of them at the same time on 3 circular needles.  This means that I knit across two socks with one empty needle and when I have knit across I have a free needle and will do the other side.  Using two separate balls of yarn.  Hope this works.

Then the next thing...I want to start the Ballerina, but now I've got myself hooked on shawls and want to make several for gifts.  So Ballerina will have to wait a tiny bit.

8-26-11 Still working on the socks. Not yet to the heel section.

8-23-11 Finished my very first shawl.  Now to just finish the socks.  I don't know why it is taking me so very long to do these.  I have some mental block to them.  They are my first pair of socks but I've had a lot of first's lately.

8-13-11 Finished the Bella Blouse.  I've now picked up the pattern to finish a pair of socks for my daughter.  I just have to figure out how I started the heel.  Then the Ballerina.

8-5-11 I'm nearing the End on the Bella Blouse, just the sleeve caps and finish the left neck insert to knit then just sewing it up.

I purchased from England the Kit for Ballerina from Swedish Designer Hanne Falkenberg.  There isn't a KAL on Ravelry which is too bad, but there is a group to go to with questions.  I'm expecting a lot since folk are complaining about the instructions.  I'm looking forward to it though.

7-26-11 continued kniting on the Bella Blouse KAL at Interweave Knits.

7-11-11 Didn't finish the socks cause I broke my index finger of the left hand.  It's been so long to heal and is still stiff after over a year.  Then I didn't mark down where I was in the pattern and I am at a loss of what I was doing.  Don't know what to do now...start over is a possibility.

To get back into the swing of things I'm doing a Knit Along.  My first one.

9-4-10 Didn't do a lot of knitting for 2 years but that's a good thing cause now I'm working on a pair of socks for my daughter and I'm really liking it.

I'm in the design mode for an Elizabethan Knit Jacket.  That will be my next big project.

1_18_08 I finished the Cemo hat for my Brother In Law.

1_01_08 Wow a New Year!  I blocked the Backyard Leaves Scarf.  It only took me a year.  Added some photos to the page.   I've also started a hat for my BIL who must go through Cemo this month.  I wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.  I will get a page up on this hat later.

12_28_07 I put down the black mohair.  It was not turning out.  I'll probably rip (frog) the whole thing.  And, since I cannot leave a project unfinished, I picked up the Victorian Lace Shawl.  Halfway done.

11_15_07 The weather is cooler and I did pick up the knitting once again.  I'm working with black mohair on #8 and it's going pretty fast.

6_1_07 Nothing new to report.  Knitting is on hold since I'm actively sewing for the SCA and ren faire events this year (Links are at the bottom of the page).  The Victorian Lace Shawl is half way done and I'll pick it up again when the weather gets cooler.

2_23_07 Continuing to work on Victorian Lace Shawl.  Learned a new technique to make socks.  Went to Stitches West 2007.

1_20_07 Still working on the Victorian Lace Shawl.  One 3rd skein.  Made two Spider Squares...don't ask.

12_26_06 Spent a lot of Christmas Hours working on the Victorian Lace Shawl.  I've almost used up 1 skein out of  9.  At least this shawl will not take years like some shetland lace shawls do.

12_22_06 Completed knitting Backyard Leaves Scarf.  Finished the 2nd Beaded Hat for Skipper.  Starting on Victorian Lace Shawl.

12_2_06 Added a Techniques Page with movies! Update: movies are too big to upload, I'll have to make shorter new ones or find another way to get them onto the server.  Started a new green beaded hat and continue to work on Backyard Leaves Scarf.

11_16_06 More adventures with Backyard Leaves Scarf.

11_11_06 ReVamped the site...check out Knits

11_11_06 Swatched Backyard leaves Scarf.

11_11_06 finished Friends Hat ,Worked on Hoodie Revisited,

11_02_06 finished the Beaded Hat

10_21_06 finished Jayne's Hat from Firefly

9_15_06 About 1/2 way through the sleeves...and I added some bling.

9_7_06 Finished the bands (at last!) onward with the sleeves.

9_2_06 The quick blue sweater is not so quick, troubles in river city..I mean bands.

8-27-06 Working on the quick blue sweater's button bands.

8_1_06 Started work on the red sweater.





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