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Twelfth Night 2010

Version II

12th Night Overdress

Silk Norman

7 yds of silk dupioni 50" wide Orange

2yds 29" of changeable silk (teal/purple) for lining 45" wide

closure: Back Sewn, dress is pull on over the head


New Sleeve Pattern: length of sleeve 24", length downward 36"

Using new needles #70 & cotton thread when I can, one color is poly.

Using Silk Organza to cover the silk when pressing it.

I did not wash the silk before using it, so it still has that crispness to it and a lovely shine.

The Overdress








New sleeve pattern

2 sleeves fit on one folded piece of fabric ~ 2 yards long

I'm saving a yard of fabric with this new pattern.


Bodice done.  Made the neckline higher than the camp dress.

Skirt panels are 46" long

I Pinned the sleeves to the bodice





I shaped the skirt pieces. Panel is 50" wide at the bottom and narrows up to the waist side seam on both sides.   11_06_09 Gores:  Will add side and back gores to make the skirt full. 6 pcs. each straight edge sewn to bias edge.

I need to fine a lining.  I cut out a silk lining in black, but do not have enough for the sleeves.


Going with a commentary color and it's in my stash.




Cut out the lining.  With some creative folding, Got enough fabric for the sleeves.  I'm sure I have enough for the bodice as well.

I sure did and sewed the lining to the bodice at the neckline and turned it right side out.

I think I'll be making a purple taffeta petticoat to go as well.  
Back of bodice with lining sewn in material left after sleeve lining cut out, just enough for the bodice pieces.
Preview  with the lining.  
Putting all the panels together for the skirt. 11-10-09

Arm Bands...I may try to make some with jewels on them. I've already put the sleeves together and I should have planned ahead but I didn't.  I'll try anyway.

These Jewels will still work and I'm going to use the blue ones too.
Got the sleeves & lining done.  Finished sewing all the skirt gores in and it's ready to attach to the bodice. 11-10-09
Don't know why, but it took me most of the day to make the arm bands, attach the jewels.  Pull out the underarm seam and attach the arm bands by hand and sew it all back up.   11-11-09

Tomorrow, set in the sleeves and attach the skirt

hem the skirt and finish the back with eyeletts for the lacing.

Need to make a veil for this gown, something to match. Colored veils are mentioned and have been found in burial sites in France.

1st fitting

The neckline is a bit gappy, but I think that will fix when I have full closure in the back.


Yes, the dress fits differently when everything is sewn in.  In this photo the back is closed too tightly and the sleeves are not sewn in.

Got them done today.


silk Norman Gown

Sew the back seams and finish the back, Done 11-13-09

hem the skirt...........................11-16-09

The dress is so light weight, hardly feel it on!
Norman Gown Silk Norman Gown
Medieval Norman Gown Silk Norman Gown
11-14-09 Mediveal Norman Gown with undertunic
12th Night 12-09-10

More Photos


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