Brown Wool Kirtle

March 8th, 2013

Perfectly Period Feast III

1580s Ferra (Italian)

I'll be a cook for the servers and we are cooking outdoors.  I will not be seen by the guests.  I expect it to be cool working in the quasi open kitchen.  
    Design: Based on the tudor kirtle  

Materials:  5 yards  at 60" wide

I can't remember where I got this fabric, but it's great!


lining: linen solid brown for the bodice & light brown stripe linen for the skirt


Trim:  linen tablet weaving plain in light rust color.  3 yds 16"


Traced out the pattern of the new bodice. side laced.


No mods made.  Side lacing bodice.


bodice pattern  

Skirt will be a long rectangle

Tablet Weaving plain weave for decorations

Cut and sewed the lining of the skirt to the wool skirt.  Attached the edges leaving about 6" at the top for the side opening.

Got the lining and wool for the back done.  I'm leaving the bottom open so that the skirt will be attached to the bodice.

Sewed the lining and wool to the front bodice.  The corded interlining will be cut down and then sewn in.


    front back  Did a test fit and looks good so far.  
    front bodice back bodice  
    bodice front bodice back       brown wool krytle  
    Bodice has been completed.  *Only the straps need to be sewn down with final fitting back of the bodice and skirts.  *Need to add lacing rings and to *hem the edge of the skirt.   The skirt had to be patch as there was a very uneven hem line.3-6-13  
    back fitting  front fitting     side fitting  
    I think I'm going to go with this.  Now to add rings and do the hem.    
    finished wool kirtle end of day  
    Completed kirtyle with cooking smock I was able to get home in the light as we were finished at 4:30pm  
    with jacket

I took the jacket just in case it got too cold, but I didn't need it as I worked.  I also have the rope petticoat on underneath.

The skirt length is short but it made for working so much easier.  This kyrtle will make a great addition to my tudor wardrobe but I'll need to take it in when I loose my lst 20 lbs.

I need to iron it which will get rid of the ripples in the fabric.



Wore the kirtle to March Crown and wore the silk ropa the hat is the court favor

Also wearing the WK Needleworkers Medallion as I was elected Minister of the Guild.

march crown  
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