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False Sleeves or Foresleeves

  There are many ways to decorate the Tudor foresleeves

These will be made out of the flocked material that matches the petticoat.

I have saved a piece form the petticoat fabric for these sleeves.  I trust it is enough, I don't have much left at all.

So they will be as small as I can get away with.  12-12-09

I have enough for the sleeves and will start them in the New Year!  If I have enough of the fabric, I'm going to insert a gore into the back of the skirt to make it bigger.   12_31_09

OK got the sleeve fabric cut out.  Now I need to make the false pulls of linen for them and sew them up.  They are pretty usless without the overdress.   1_06_09

Cut out the silk taffata lining today.  Need to make a template for the openings.  Will also need to find some nice findings for the decorations and will use a silk fabric for the false pull through's.

tudor foresleeves       tudor foresleeves and kirtle


Cut out the holes for the pull through...3 of them.  Lined them with silk taffata.  Made the pull through from white linen: 3 of them.


I used a gathered piece of linen 2.8 from for the pulls.  Sewed them in place around the openings.  Then I made 2 30" tubes of the same linen and you can see on the 2nd photo I place and pined in place  I'll sew these areas down by hand.  I need to find some nice jewelery to put along these points.

Used my inkle trim in linen for the ties  one on each side.  I trust this will keep them from slipping around.  The shape of the foresleeve should help too.