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Tudor Dress Material


I have an image in my notebook but this dress is too early 1530's. It is interesting to note the differences:

They had dispensed with the train by the 1540's the date of my dress. Also the later periord dress was more cone shape. So there had to be some kind of farthingale underneath.

The Sleeves are much deeper and longer in length. This could be because of Royal status and the black and white image is a lesser noble.  I have added an image of what my dress should look like based on the colors and materials I'll be using.  I used photoshop to use the actual material, but I didn't reduce the design, so that is way off.  It gives the feel though.

My Tudor Dress

The outer gown: Bodice and Overskirt will be made in the Brown Velveteen.

The Gown will be Black Silk lined with seagreen china silk.

The Kirtle (Underskirt) will be the cotton upholstery material with the cut out design.

Chemise will be made out of the light beige linen. It should probably be pure white. I have 4 yards of this and I think I should use it. Husband is already grumbling about all the fabric that I currently have.I took some photos of the velvet, design velvet and linen.

I made the Smock from white linen and hand sewed the whole thing and then did the blackwork embroidery on it.

Materials Tudor Pattern Tudor Materials True Colors

The last image has the best true color on my monitor. 

I really like the pattern on the beige material.  I don't know what to really call it.  It's upholstery velvet.  When I saw it last year I just knew it would make a great Renaissance gown.  Since I didn't have a lot, it will have to be the underskirt and the false sleeves. 

The foresleeves (false sleeves) have been done.  The Sleeves on the gown will be turned back to show the china silk lining.


After looking at these image for 3 months I think the whole image is just too brown.  I love the look of the velvet and the brocade's not right.  I think I'll have to double check the stash and see if I can come up with a different color combo.


Tonight I'll wash the materials to prep them.


I need to line my fabrics and I want to use linen (my most fav fabric at the moment).

I changed up the lining and will be using silk to keep weight down.  11-03-11

Here is the brown velvet for the gown, the red linen for the kirtle and the light green for the lining of the gown and bodice.




These will make the dress. I will have to purchase this from the local bead shop or I'm looking at some on line stores. Will post up pictures after I go the store and pick out colors. This will be very fun!

I went to Michael's today. None of these is "authentic" but I can't afford the real thing anyway and this "fake" looks not too bad.

Here is a close up that is especially nice.

Tudor Jewels 3

Sorry for the blurry photo. Taken at night and the flash is not good enough. This is a new camera too. This trim would be at the neckline area. 8mm pearls and sliders made with swarovski crystals. Check out the Jewels Page for further updates and information.


I've decided to use these small sliders. I was hoping to find larger ones, but was unsuccessful. These are nice. I bought 2 packages of the above one's for the neckline and I bought 2 packages of clear crystals for the french hood. I think I may alternate these sliders so the design will be the same on the bodice as on the french hood.