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While at the fancy fabric store, Britex I came across these!  They are super super soft as well as looking fabulous.  Cost is $95.00 to 110.00 per yard.  I will most likely not make a fur lined sleeve, but if I had unlimited time and money ...I would!


I found this fabric at Joann's and got enough to make a blanket and extra.  It's 100% polly  Velboa Snow Leopard and has a short nap.  It cost $9.09 a yard and I got 5 yards.

I ended up making this the inside of a Viking Coat, so this fabric has already been used.

I doesn't have the look or feel of the Britex fabrics but at 10% of the cost I'll make concessions.

I may just end up using silk velvet.  It is so much lighter and looks great.  We'll see.