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            Square Neck Smock

Square Neck Smock

  Pattern:  Margo Anderson's Tudor Lady's Wardrobe I used machine embroidery on the facing and attached it to the neck opening

I have 6 bands of embroidery made by machine and gifted to me.  I made a facing of 3 bands for the neckline of this Smock.

All pieces have been cut out and the gores have been attached to the sides of the body


Materials:  3 yds 21" 100% lightweight linen

Used: 2 yds and a bit.




almost done                                                           


This is comforatble does not have a huge amount of fabric under the arms, love the sleeves and the neckline!

Spent all day working on the cuffs as I had to cut one sleeve shorter, cut new size cuffs (longer and thiner) added a black edge to the cuff ruffle and sewed it all together.

Now only finish the Seam Allowances inside and hem (which needs a little patch), Oh Yes and some hook & eyes for the cuffs.

cuff      smock with red kirtle

Cuff with black embroidery edge                                                                                     

  Smock & Kirtle


So I didn't like the ruff edge treatment and pulled out the threads today.

I'm sewing a rolled hem to finish the edge,

then I'm going to sew down a thread of DMC black to match the images we see in portraits.

The final results are not perfect.  I expect that a thicker thread would have been better and sometime there was a plait used.


  before This is what the cuff looked like before.  The threads are holding down the folded over edge.  I was not happy with this however.
  I pulled out all the threads and then sewed the edge with the rolled edge. rolled edge
  Here is the results from the change.
  after after
  Not perfect but better.