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What's New?  

3-11-13 The Wool Kirtle is finished and I like it a lot!  I need to iron it. Wore it to an event and will wear it for my next one as well.  March has iffy weather and the wool is a good choice.  I wish I could remember where I picked this wool up.  It's a mystery.  Wore the Kirtle to March Crown on 3-23-13 and it was very comfy.

1-20-13 Started on a new wool kirtle (this dress will be a camp dress and will function for Italian and Elizabethan periods as well)

10-27-12  Took in the waistline of my farthingale.  I'm letting all the extra fabric bunch up in the back.  Not Period, but I like the mini bussle look.  I also worked on my Kirtle as it was too big.

10-17-12 I'm going to have a Kirtle, Gown and French Hood made for me.  Red Silk kirtle, Gown from a dark chocolate wool flannel and the billiments to go on the kirtle, French Hood and the False Sleeves.

I'll provide the smock and the Black silk sleeve turnings.

It will be for Best Court Dress.  She said that she would make the kirtle by the end of October!!

4-30-12 I wore my Kirtle to 12th Night and it was comfortable.  I've started work on another Smock.

11-08-11 I've decided to put the Gown on Hold for a bit.  I have to get another project done and if I have enought time to draft a bodice and armscye then I'll get to it after.

11-04-11 Will cut out the Black Silk and SeaGreen Silk for the Gown.   Now I'm glad that I decided to make a calico or muslin for the bodice.  Fitting issues going on.

11-1-11 12th night will be the coronation of the new King and Queen of the West.  They are going to do it in Early Tudor Dress.  I don't know if I have the time, but will try and get my dress done by then.  Working on the foresleeves today.  Will have them finished today 11-3-11

6-2-10 I've made a high neck smock.  I could wear this with my Tudor Dress as well.  Smock.

5-11-10  Been a while, I've been making 12th Century clothing.  The Petticoat Kirlte has been finished, finally got the hem done.  Next to do is the overgown.

1_06_09  Worked on the Petticoat kirtle and added a back gore since I had the material.  Just have to hem it now.  Cut out the foresleeves fabric as well.

12_31_09 Re-did the petticoat kirtle today.

Happy New Year!

12_27_09 I have my linen. Now to breakdown the pattern.

I finished the Petticoat today except the hem.  Photos to follow.

12_04_09 I ordered the silk from a Local Store, but not convinient since they are more than 50 miles away, but they sell the silk in Hanks.  I've also ordered 50 count linen which I'll pick up at 12th night.  She got a teacher's discount and the cost of the linen will be $200.00 and I'm getting an extra yard, a total of 4 yards.

Started back on working on my Tudor.  This is the kirtle-petticoat layer.  The kirtle bodice is boned.

10_13_09 Tomorrow I'm going up to look at a needlework shop.  Hope to find enought silk thread for the jacket.  The cost of the linen will be about $300.00.  This is a MasterWork I'm planing so every care will be taken to make it. 

In the meantime, I'm making some embroidery modifications to my Chemise.

9_2_09 Started work on the Jacket.  It's a bit off from my original plan...

7_13_08 putting the skirt pieces together today and a unfortunate discovery for the petticoat.

7_12_08 worked some on the 2nd layer: Petticoat-Kirtle Skirts.

7_04_08 Started work on my Petticoat-Kirtle, 2nd layer.

7_03-08 The Kirtle was a success at June Crown and I survived temps of 108 degrees!  I was still vary lethargic, but I made it and none the worse for ware.  I think I owe it all to the total linen ensemble.  Now, I'm off to cut out the undergown kirtle.  I'm doing a combination of the Tudor Tailor and Margo Anderson's Elizabethan Wardrobe.  Some day Margo will come out with a Tudor Pattern and I'll snarf that boy up for sure.

6_18_08 An update!  Finished the Kirtle.

3_15_08  I'm going to be teaching a class at Newcomers Tourney for the SCA.  It will be a challenge.  I'm going to try and finish the Kirtle by them for show and tell.  I'm also researching for a Jacket.  It can be worn with the Kirtle, even if the overgrown is not yet finished.  I plan on this Jacket as a long term project since I will do the embroidery on it.  First muslin will be plain.

Research on Jacket Page.

12_2_07 Have a slight fitting problem with the Kirtle, but with helpful hits from the Margo Anderson Group, I know how to fit it.

12_01_07 Some photos of me in the red linen kirtle.

11_23 & 24 & 25_07 worked on the bodice & skirts of my red kirtle.

11_15_07 Can't seem to get motivated enough to sew, so the lack of updates.  Thanksgiving is only a week away.  Don't know why I'm so undecisive...that's usually not a problem with me. 

10_25_07 Worked on the Red Linen Kirtle a very little yesterday.  Since relatives are arriving tomorrow, I can't do any sewing.  I'm amazed at what a mess sewing makes.  I don't know anyone who has perfected a clean and tidy way of sewing.

10_07_07 Started the Red Linen Kirtle.

10_06_07 The wrist is better, so I did finish the Corded Petticoat!

10_02_07  I had an accident and sprained my left wrist.  I must keep a brace on it for a while, about 5 days.  So no sewing, and I'm so close to finishing my farthingale which is a corded petticoat really.

9_30_07 Hope to finish the corded petticoat or farthingale by today.  Not much left.

9_27_07 Started work on a corded petticoat or farthingale.  Even if I don't use it for the Tudor Dress, it will be a good thing to have.

9_23_07 I was busy making a kirtle & cote for my October Crown event.  It's a 15th Century linen dress.  Now I'm ready to tackle this gown...back to the 16th Century.  I'm thinking of using this linen to line the skirt & bodice.  Don't know if I like the colors together.  I'm also thinking about some fabric that I got to use for the Oversleeves.

7_09_07 I was the First to be awarded the Order of the Iron Hand...woo hoo..happy dance.

7_08_07 Finished the Smock!!!

7_07_07 Finished the Smock or Chemise neckline.  I have until the 10th to finish the hem and I'll work on that tonight...I should be done by the deadline for the Iron Hand Challenge! 

7_4_07 I have some progress photos up for the Smock facing.  Photo up of the linen for the Kirtle.  I finished the little velvet hat too.

7_01_07 Started the facing for the Tudor Smock.  No photos yet. 

6_23_07 Working on the seams still, will do all of them before the neckline. Progress Photos Up.

6_21_07 Finishing up the Cuffs .  Then the dreaded neckline... BTW Happy First Day of Summer!

6_18_07 I sewed the Ruffles on the sleeve cuffs. 

6_17_07 Blackwork on the Ruffles.

6_16_07 Working on the Tudor Smock Ruffles...ooh Blackwork, yeah well, it's my blackwork so no ooos.

6_15_07 The Tudor Smock is taking shape and I have some photos too!

6_10_07 I've accepted the Yahoo Groups Challenge:  The Order of the Iron Hand Competition 2007.  Make some garment by hand before the end of August.  Don't know if I'll make it, but it's a worthy goal.  I'm going to make a Tudor Chemise!

6_7_07 I went to the Tudor Tailor Ladies Classes in Santa Cruz.  It was a very small group, but we had lots of fun.  Wash Day & Dressing for Sunday Best in 1550s and in the afternoon there was hands on: Tudor Hats & Hair.  Much was learned.

5_27_07 I put up photos of my old corset.  I need to make a new one that works better.

5_26_07 Again, I've been stalling ...start on the chemise or start on a new corset.  I talked to a friend who pointed out that the corset I had was not working because it was too long in some places and not long enough in others.

5_10_07  Oh My, nothing to report yet.  I didn't do any sewing for the past month, but now I have a direction.  It's not Tudor though.  I will make a Chemise first with the JoAnn's fabric. I wanted to get the hanky linen but at $12/yard (a good price I hear) it is still out of my current budget.  Next Month, I've signed up for the Tudor Tailor Talks.  It's a two part, AM is the Tudor Wardrobe and the PM is hair and hats.  Should be very much fun to attend and I hope to get some hints on what to do.

4_14_07  I have a line to pick up some hanky linen, so that is in the works.  I purchased 3yards (a bit less actually) of "hanky" linen blend from Joann's.  It's 60% linen and 40% cotton, so it should be cool in the hot summer days of Ren Faire.  So, do I use this blend to make a Tudor chemise?  I also bought 10 yards of mulin...What to do???

4_8_07 I seem to be stuck.  It seems funny to me to make a mock up of a chemise, but apparently I should resolve myself to do so.  I went into the closet today to tidy up and I have so many Chemises now, I'll never really use them much and here I am, having to make another one.  So....nothing much new right now.

3_19_07 Finished the Elizabethan Chemise.  Now to start on the Tudor Chemise.

3_9_07 I'll have to start over for the chemise. I'll use white linen.

2_15_07 Worked on the design for the chemise.  I have a direction at last.

2_13_07 Started the dress diary.  Not much there yet.

2_12_07 I've almost finished the LOTR Eowyn Green Gown.  Now I want to start on this Tudor Dress.  First thing up is to make the chemise.  

11_16_06 Long time and I'm sorry to say that I didn't get my Tudor Dress made for the Ren Faire.  I'm stuck right now working on my LOTR Eowyn Green Dress...among many other distractions. I will get to this gown, just not right away.

6_17_06 For the interest of sanity and my pocket book, I'm still going with all the browns.  I'll try to make up for all this brownage with jewels and sparkly things.  I'll just have to "heaven forbid" use my imagination and make this dress interesting.

6_03_06 I've not updated much because I've been working on other projects.  Made a complete Hakama, Hatori (2: one white and one black) and a Captain's Coat for my daughter.  She went to a convention and wanted to CosPlay.  I'm working on Eowyn's LOTR Green Gown and I'm just at the muslin stage.  The other thing is that after looking at the image of all the fabrics together...It may be too brown!  (Too Dull...It's going to need some life and color I think)

4_11_06 I added an image to the top of the Materials Page. I used photoshop and colored in my sketch.  I've made a tracing of the French Hood from THE BOOK and will blow it up to scale.  Never made a French Hood and this will be very interesting.

4_6_06 THE BOOK! arrived and I'm going over it right now, a brief glance and this book will be a great big help to me.  The Tudor Tailor is the name of the book and you can go to their website from my links page.

4_2_06 Made all the pages for the Tudor Dress. Added more images to the Gallery.

3_17_06 Happy St. Patrick's Day (I'm not Irish).  Added a Gallery Page.

3_01_06 Added information to the Materials Page.

2_24_06 Added the Tudor Dress Page and reworked the Design Page.

2_19_06 Started working on the Web pages. Not much yet, but I hope to have quite a bit to document.

9_26_05 The Tudor Page is Born.